About Us

A stepping stone for discovering hidden potentials of children.

About Us

A stepping stone for discovering hidden potentials of children.

Meet The Director

Tahji Smith-Pringle

Hello Parents and Guardians,
I can’t express just how thrilled I am that you have chosen or are considering sending your child to our Learning Academy! As a parent of two girls I know just how stressful and important this step is for you and for your child. I want to reassure you that you have made a great choice in choosing Precious Treasures Academy for your child’s preschool and childcare needs. We strive to provide a comfortable learning environment that is continuously loving, nurturing, safe and inspiring. My primary goals for Precious Treasures Academy has always been to provide great care, a safe environment, quality education and love to each child. As an educator and licensed CT state foster-mother I’ve had the opportunity to meet and create curriculums for children from different backgrounds as well as various educational levels. Over the last 10 years I’ve learned how important it is to meet a child at their level and I’ve incorporated a great deal of my learned experiences into my online based educational system. Over time I have been able successfully executed over 4,000 private lessons to students preschool and elementary level. Although, I felt that my students were thriving I realized that they lacked physical interactions with me as well as their peers. Precious Treasures Academy of North Branford is a physical representation of my desires to educate children and provide them with physical love.



At Precious Treasures Academy, we take great pride in always providing quality childcare as well as providing strong educational programs to the children we serve. We are dedicated to ensuring that each child not only thrives socially in our structured environment but also emotionally, physically and academically. Our primary goal is to provide each child with a safe, comfortable and healthy environment to showcase their strengths while acquiring new skills as part of our culturally diverse community. Our highly experienced staff members have been hand-selected and trained to help build confidence and self-esteem in our young learners. While in the center students are presented daily with age appropriate challenges to help them develop the skill’s they need to become generational leaders. Through daily lessons Precious Treasures Academy staff strive to build positive traits while strengthening new bonds between students and peers. Our promise is to provide compassionate and personalized attention to your child while building a trusting relationship with them and their caregivers.


The Precious Treasures Academy vision is to nurture the minds of the next generation while providing exceptional childcare and a preschool program that cultivates a child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development. We are dedicated to each child in our care and strive to provide all the educational tools needed to become successful. We believe that children deserve to feel loved and respected while being themselves in a safe environment. Precious Treasures will always promote a positive self-image while encouraging students to be their unique self.


The philosophy at Precious Treasures Academy is built on the belief that the developmental needs, educational levels, and learning interests of each child we interact with is unique. We pride ourselves on providing quality care and ensuring that every student in the center not only is but also feels valued and respected for their uniqueness. Our beliefs are the foundation of our center and the framework for our developmentally appropriate lessons. We offer a variety of programs that are equally as fun as they are educational. Each teacher is supported and encouraged to create a educational environment that to comprised of activities that are cognitive, physical, social, sensory, creative and academically developed to fit the growing needs and educational levels of each student.